Carrie Paulo comes to teaching yoga in Bastrop in the midst of a teaching career spanning twenty years. She has a B.F.A in Theatre - Performance Studies and a Master of Arts in Education.

She has taught theatre, English, film and been a special education assistant and teacher/counselor at a group home for children with developmental delays. She has directed award-winning plays and praise-worthy musicals and presented drama therapy and movie making at camps throughout the mid-south in and around Memphis, TN. Her family relocated to Bastrop to cultivate relationships with nearby family in July of 2017.

Carrie immediately learned of a yoga teacher training program geared to educators and leaped at the opportunity to train for a way to serve others and help spread the message of non-violence and self-compassion and wellness. It is what she has taught in English, theatre and film classes all along - how to explore the you that you really are through creativity in art, music, film, television, literature, theatre - anything that brings one joy. In finding joy, one also finds healing.

Now, these lessons are most prevalent in her yoga practice. She feels yoga reaches a place of healing that nothing else has, but that compliments almost any other creative, therapeutic or spiritual practice one might cultivate. Yoga is a personal journey that can be made even richer by sharing with members of a community. MORE Backyard Yoga is a great place to give yoga a try and learn more about what a yoga and meditation practice might bring into your life.

Classes are just $15 for drop-ins and even more affordable by multi-class options so it's always a great time to treat yourself to a judgment-free, healing-centered yoga experience.

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